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Ellyson Chiropractic has been a staple of the Yuba – Sutter area for over 35 years. We are located near Yuba City, Plumas Lake, Olivehurst, Gridley, Live Oak, Wheatland, and Linda.

Here at Ellyson Chiropractic we have two main goals: first, we want to relieve your pain, and second, we want to strengthen your spine and postural muscles to keep the pain from returning.

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  1. David Jeska says:

    1/23/2003 i had injured my lower back knocking my spine out of whack,I herd that they were really great at treating a spinal injury’s.. so i gave there office a call. I was surprised they set an appointment got me in for an exam and started treatment that same morning,I felt relief almost immediately ,went from not being able to walk by my self with out the aide of a trusty 2×4 crutch,To walking out of the office with little help from any one else. I returned to work as a driver that very same week with pain i could deal with .I would show up in pain ,hurting after work, I’d receive an adjustment that relieved my symptoms for the next few days.
    The attention that I received from the Phone call , the appointment , ex-rays, exam, and adjustment that didn’t come easy was nothing less than professional, They were courteous, understanding ,and very informative with all information regarding treatment i would receive and informed me on what to expect from treatment
    so again i give great thanks to : Dean Ellyson ,Dave Ellyson, and the rest of the staff

  2. Melany Sanchez says:

    I have been under Dr. Ellyson’s care for about 6 months. I came from another chiropractor’s practice. In the past, I would be in as much pain following treatment as before. Today, after having a very difficult week, had an office visit with stress pain in my neck. After treatment this morning I asked him if I should expect soreness later, he replied, “No”. I’m seven hours after the treatment and have NO PAIN, no soreness and feel great. I’m so thankful!

  3. Aj schreiber says:

    I cant thank ellyson chiropratic for every thing they have done for my family. thanks

  4. Kim Wise says:

    Ellyson Chiropractic has been taking care of our family for awhile now and we could not ask for better care. Incredible people, who truly care about their patients. We really enjoy each visit to the office.

  5. Stevie Allison-Hight says:

    I was introduced to Ellyson Chiropractic by my father about two years ago. Up until then, I had seen other chiropractors but I had never known what was really wrong with my back. When I had my first visit with Dr. Dave Ellyson, he was very nice and was completely interested and determined in trying to correct my back. He took a full x-ray of my vertebrae and informed me that I have some pretty bad twists in it, otherwise known as scoliosis, and that my neck had grown backwards and one of my bones were basically crushed in my neck. I’ve had migraines since I was nine years and no doctor could figure out why I was having them until I went to Ellyson Chiropractic. They have helped me out tremendously with accurate information of the problems with my vertebrae and have helped in lessening my migraines, along with neck and back pain with the use of chiropractic care. I can’t thank Ellyson chiropractic enough for all that they have done for me.

  6. Eliana Biggs says:

    Ellyson Chiropractic always give me great care. They are knowledgeable and very caring. I am confident that when I need an appointment I will get it right in. Doesn’t matter what type of pain I may have , every time I get treated I feel better .
    Dean and David are friendly and always there for you.

  7. Penny Hamilton says:

    I have been going to Ellyson Chiropractic for several years now. I am very happy with both Dr. Dean & Dr. Dave. When I get out of whack I just give them a call and have always been able to be seen right away, and leave thinking “Life is good.” I appreciate the way that they relieve my pain in as few appointments as possible and don’t keep me coming back for months. Usually one or two adjustments and I’m good. THANK YOU Dr. Dave and Dr. Dean for all that you do. You truly care and it really shows. The staff is great. And rarely do I have to wait more then 5 or 10 min. to be seen by the Dr. Now that’s great service. I have recommended Ellyson Chiropractic to my friends and will continue to do so. I am 100 percent satisfied with every aspect of Ellyson Chiropractic, Dr. Dave and Dr. Dean. They Keep it Real Thanks Guys!

    Penny Hamilton

  8. Deborah Rohlfing says:

    They adjusted me with care and caring. Dean and Dave are very adept at Chiropractic! Our family has been seeing them for years for an accident and also upkeep in adjustments. They are very impressive and the staff is great, too!

  9. Robert B says:

    I’ve been seeing Doctor Dean ,and David for over 9 years ,and my mom for even longer we love the Ellyson’s ,and all the good work they do

  10. Stacie says:

    Ellyson is the best. They make you feel at home and welcome in their office, everyone greets you with a smile. The care they offer is outstanding. They always listen to my needs and generally care about their patients. And best of all, I’m able to be relieved from pain without drugs!

  11. Marylou says:

    This is the best place to go for excellent chiropractic care! The doctors and staff are wonderful, caring people. Many of my friends are patients here, too. We all highly recommend.

  12. Cheryl Bottum says:

    My husband & I have happy patients of Dr. Dean, Dr. Dave and several over the past 15 plus years!! Through accidents, surgerys and traumas we have been very happy with our care.
    The Staff is excellent as well!!! Always friendly and helpful!
    M & C

  13. Jessica Jones says:

    I came to Ellyson Chiropractic with lots of aches and pains. Was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (arthritis all over my body with nerve pain). To my shock only after not even a few months I’m feeling so much better. I am no longer taking 2 of the 5 medications the doctors have me on. I am working on getting off a third medication now. I am feeling more and more like myself every day!!! Without seeing a Chiropractor I am sure that I wouldn’t be the case!!!

    Ellyson Chiropractic are so very friendly and AMAZING!!! They always have great customer service. I recommend them to everyone!!!

    Thank you Dr Dan Oliver for putting up with me!!!

  14. OM says:

    Great chiropractor practice! Our whole family, also my mother in law go to Dr David. Dr David and Dr Dean do a fantastic job of fixing our bones that are out of whack. We will always go to Ellyson Chiropractic and we recommend them to babies, young children, athletes, and to well seasoned folks. Thank you for keeping my family healthy.

  15. Brent Biddle says:

    Great video, some make you say yep that was me or that is my kid, some others make you say nothing you can do about that and still others make you say what we’re you thinking.

  16. Charles says:

    Great care and Dr who take time to help the most.

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