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chiropractor auto accidents Marysville

Yes, Chiropractors do treat Auto Accidents

Chiropractic care is proven to be one of the greatest treatments for auto accidents. Everything from whiplash, sprain/strain injuries to forceful trauma injuries. A chiropractic adjustment helps return people back to work, school and family activities the quickest.

Everyone needs to be checked out after an auto accident, regardless of whether or not they are in pain. It could take weeks before pain from an accident surfaces.

Over 40 years of training and experience with auto accidents!

Safe, natural and years of proven results! The doctors have done extra seminar programs to become up to date, professional and proficient in handling the unfortunate tough cases of auto accidents. Whether it is a single car or multiple ones, we have treated them all.

Primary Care Providers. Referring and working with attorneys to best represent you and your family after an auto accident.

We refer when necessary to all of the top medical doctors who treat personal injury. Radiologists, MRI’s, physical therapists, pain management, orthopedics, neurologists, and whatever the patient needs to correctly diagnose and treat them. We work with some of the best attorneys in the state that are ready and willing to do depositions or to testify in court as expert witness, if necessary.

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