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Karen Mathis

Reviewed by:
On June 9, 2017
Last modified:June 9, 2017


I have to admit I was a little skeptical of chiropractors. I've been to a couple chiropractors before. The last one tried to sell me some kind of plan and gave me a long talk about subluxation. I've had a lot of back problems for years. The last time my back went out I went to a general doctor, and he wasn't much help. After dealing with daily pain, a friend told me they really liked Ellyson, so I thought it couldn't hurt. I'll admit, I was still skeptical after the first visit. But after the first adjustment, I felt significantly better. The second visit they discussed the results of the x-ray. One of the things that stood out as a big problem was that my legs were uneven, which was throwing off my hip. After he pointed this out to me, I realized how obvious it was. It's actually really obvious by how I lift my foot or stretch one leg, depending on which leg I stand on. Seriously - I have no idea how I could live this long and not realize my legs were so uneven! I also don't understand why visits to a general doctor or podiatrist couldn't figure this out. As Dr Ellyson explained to me, my back was actually not in as bad of shape as I felt it was. I just need some adjustments as needed, and a shoe lift. There was no talk about subluxation. No attempts to sell me on a plan. He even gave me a card that shows which parts of my spine are problem points in case I'm out of the area and need to go to another chiropractor.

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